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Delta IV Heavy Build


A few people on here showed interest in the progress and launch of my Delta IV Heavy build so here are some pictures of the, mostly, complete rocket built up in solidworks. Next step is to simulate it in RockSim and make a few prototypes of the booster separation hardware to refine the technique, then I will order the parts to build it for real. The rocket comes in at about 79 inches tall and 18 inches wide (not including the fins) with 3, 5.5 inch boosters putting out ~350 lbs of thrust. All made out of custom fiberglass and blue tube, with small parts being 3D printed and the booster mounts made from HDPE plastic for strength.
The boosters will be held togther with fast burning cannon fuse. When their motors burn out the fuse is lit and a spring system as well as exhaust gas from the fuse push both boosters away at the same time and rate. If one goes, the other must go too.
If you have any questions or want more info on the booster mounting/separation let me know.
Estimated launch date is December 10th, 2016!

Are you still on schedule for launching this on 12/10? Please watch this forum and/or stay in close contact with me about this as the weather is starting to turn crappy and we may scrub.


I would love to launch this with you guys at TMO.
Unfortunately, I have postponed this project due to starting my level 3 build and budgeting reasons.
Also, after I started the Delta IV-H project I moved to New Mexico. I do hope to get it done by next year's Balls to show off the parallel staging design and you will get to see it fly there!  ;D

Hope all of the launches go great for all TMO members this season!


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