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Level 3 Cert idea


So even though I didnt make it out to the field as much as I would have hoped this past flying season, I want to start thinking about a possible level 3 cert rocket idea and some of the the processes.

I am a member of the NAR i would need a L3CC member of which there are 2 in Ohio Mr. Upton and Mr. Tulanko .  Do either of them come to the TMO launches? and does anyone know what they would expect from a L3 rocket as I am not looking for it to be terribly traditional (more info in next paragraph).  I am open to becoming a member of TRA for the flight and certification.

So right now I am envisioning a 5in dia rocket with a 75 mm mount.  what makes it non traditional is I want to design it 3d print interchangeable fins that slot into the air-frame and then are pushed up into firm mechanical contact when the trust plate is screwed in.  I realize that all of the force from the motor needs to be transmitted to the airframe some how and I would do that with a thrust wing and maybe 3 or 4 stringers (depending on number of fins) that run between the mmt and the airframe.  my other thought was to completely 3d print one in PETG or nylon, but i figured that was way to out there to be easy to do the math on to prove that it wouldn't fail.

Does that sound like a design that would pass L3 muster or should I go with a more traditional design?

Before we get too much further into this discussion, please introduce yourself. I can guess, but do not want to embarrass myself!  ;)  Also suggest that we take this 'off-list' at least for the initial discussions.

Looking forward to discussing your project and a successful L3 flight!

I'll go in order here:

I don't know you or you flight history so forgive me but do you have several successful L2 DD/electronic deployment flights under your belt?  Not a formal requirement but I would recommend that experience.

I highly recommend you change/add your affiliation to TRA for a couple of reasons.  First, the process is simpler in terms of paperwork.  Second, there is much more accessible L3 support locally than NAR.  Second, you mentioned Carl. As of my making the same inquiry about a year ago, he was not flying very much any more.  Third, you will likely be getting guidance from the likes of Gary and Joe and their experience is invaluable.  (Carl's is too but, like I said, he's not flying much from what I hear.)

You're idea sounds interesting.  That said, I tend to be risk averse so I would highly recommend going traditional for a very flight then experiment or at least limiting new-to-me techniques.

***Edit:  I see Gary responded during the 2-hour break I took during my reply.  (Long story.)

Yeah sorry i should have mentioned.  I am the relatively new flyer (to the club) who just moved up here for work from Florida.  Would prefer not to mention my name in a publicly searchable forum as I do try to kep my name a bit separate from my username.

I do have several successful l2 DD flights on motors in the K impulse range, I have never flown on a L before.  I have also had some flights fail from various causes, from material failure to me failing and not putting in enough black powder.


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