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Author Topic: Launch Report 3-10-2018  (Read 2988 times)

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Launch Report 3-10-2018
« on: March 12, 2018, 02:38:44 PM »

Saturday March 10th was a great day to fly rockets here in Ohio! We had a total of 30 flights on everything from a D21 to a M1845, including ELEVEN successful Research motor flights.

It was the day for certification flights:

•   Archie Scott III from Enon and Ohio University in Athens joined the ranks of Tripoli High Power rocketry with a screaming Level 1 flight on his “Mach My Day on an AT I500. His rocket turned in an altitude of 4712 feet AGL and a top speed of 495.7 mph as reported by the Altus Metrum Tele Mega. Not too shabby for a Level 1 flight. Congratulations Archie! Come fly with us again soon.
•   Matvey Yang certified TRA Level 2 with his “Pixel” rocket on an AT J350. Matvey is part of a great group of students from The Ohio State University.
•   Turner Whitmoyer tried for his Junior NAR L1 cert, but failed when his Estes MDR landed very hard and broke a fin. Better luck next time.
•   Last, but certainly not least, Jim Seibyl from Cleveland made a major jump in HPR as he turned in a successful TRA Level 3 flight with his beautiful scratch-built “Ultra Archer on an AT M1845T. This flight was beautiful to 6548 feet AGL and a top speed of 585 mph. The rocket was recovered about 3000 feet east of the pad. Congratulations Jim; I have an N motor for you when you are ready.

It was the day for two-stage flights:

•   James Dai from Nashville Tennessee and The Ohio State University launched “2 PoC” on a AT J350W to a H153. Altitude was approximately 6000 feet AGL with a top speed of 443 mph. Nice job!
•   Bryan Sparkman from O’Fallon Illinois launched his “Distant Thunder THREE times! His flight summary is below:

Flight #1
Booster: I300 Moonshine (Research) (450 N-s)
Sustainer: J370 White (Research) (740 N-s)
Max Alt: 8613 ft
Max Speed: 888 ft/s
Landed: 0.6 mile away over Lisbon Fork Creek

Flight #2
Booster: I300 Moonshine (Research) (450 N-s)
Sustainer: J265 Violet (Research) (700 N-s)
Max Alt: 6945 ft
Max Speed: 773 ft/s
Landed: 1.4 mile away

Flight #3
Booster: I320 Blue102 (Research) (600 N-s)
Sustainer: I245 Smokey (Research) (550 N-s)
Max Alt: 7311 ft
Max Speed: 762 ft/s
Landed: 0.7 mile away over Lisbon Fork Creek (again)

The flights continued to within about 20 minutes of the waiver closing at 5:00……

Bill Good from Cincinnati launched his beautifully finished and highly modified Mad Cow “AGM 33 Pike” on a Gary Dickinson K1056 Mad River Blue. The Pike hit an altitude of 6230 feet AGL and was recovered about a mile from the pad. Bill also launched his scratch-built “Carbon Punisher” on a Gary Dickinson K762 Mad River Slow White to an altitude of 11,267 feet AGL and almost in the same location as the Pike.

Tripoli Mid-Ohio IT guru Bob McAninch flew his well-worn scratch-built Ursa Major twice: one on a Research K437 Wimpy Red to 3774 feet AGL and again on a Loki Research K960 Loki White to 7724 feet AGL. We do not see a lot of Loki motors here, but hope to see a bunch more in the future.

Andrew Kleinhenz from Bowling Green flew his 4” MAC Performance “Scorpion” on an AT J540R to 5359 feet AGL. Flight two of the “Scorpion” was on a Gary Dickinson K857 Mad River Blue to 4835 feet AGL. Andrew also launched his scratch-built “Bull” on an AT J270W for a nice flight and close recovery using a Jolly Logic Chute Release.

Tim Mauk from Jackson made the trek to the ‘Wildman Farm Launch Complex’ to take full advantage of the 18,000 MSL waiver. Tim flew his Mad Cow “Go Devil 38” on an AT J425 for a neck-snapping flight to 10,488 feet AGL and a peak velocity of 1155 mph. From Tim: The tracker turned off in flight for over 2 hours, showing the last fix at the pad. Just when I was about to give up the search for the tiny rocket, I received a signal and located the “expensive” forward section with all the electronics of the rocket 1.06 miles away. The booster separated most likely at apogee as indicated by the cut Kevlar ribbon and the long distance from the pad. I used too weak of a cord because the Kevlar ribbon would actually fit in the small recovery area for the drogue and heavier cord would not. Unfortunately, the boost remains in hiding. Tim dialed it “way back” on his nest flight, launching his Quest MLAS on an AT D21. Quite the change up Tim!!

Jim Seibyl brought his TARC Team from University School in Chagrin Falls for test and qualifying flights. The team had three great flights of 798, 736, 781 feet AGL all on AT F42T-7; no eggs broken. Something all of you should know about. Jim brought his TARC team with him for his Level 3 certification attempt and stated that THEY were the priority and he would launch his certification flight only after they were done. This speaks volume for his character and dedication to the hobby and these students.

Andrew Bissonnette had an interesting day. He launched his Estes “Mammoth” twice on AT F20W motors. He also launched a LOC Precision “Weasel” on an E9-4 and ‘stuck’ the landing after a long arcing flight. The rocket survived. Andrew experienced the ‘pain and agony’ of an AT H115DM CATO that reduced his Mad Cow “Bat Ray” to a smoldering pile of rubble. The nosecone survived. Knowing Andrew the way I think I do, he will be back, more determined than ever.

Jim Rosmarin from Dublin flew his “Sentinel” on an AT I300T for a neck-snapping flight and nominal recovery. He flew his LOC Precision “Big Nuke-3E” on an AT J415W for a great flight. The main did not deploy and the rocket appeared to suffer little or no damage upon landing.

Doug Peterson from Plain City flew his scratch-built “Modulator” on a Research J375 Wayside White for a great flight & recovery. He did a rapid prep and turn around and flew it again on a Gary Dickinson K448 Mad River White for a spectacular flight and nominal recovery.

Thanks to everyone that showed up to launch with us! We hope to see University School TARC Team, Ohio University, and The Ohio State University teams back with us soon. These students are the future scientist, engineers, and physicists that this country needs. I hope to see them as active TRA and NAR members in the future.


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