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Author Topic: April 7 Launch Report  (Read 3760 times)

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April 7 Launch Report
« on: April 09, 2018, 08:45:12 PM »

Saturday started out cold and cloudy with promises of blue skies, and we were not disappointed! While the temperature never really warmed up, the clouds did break up, giving us access to some gorgeous blue skies. If you did not make the trip the Standing Oaks Farm, you missed a wonderful opportunity to launch rockets and see some awesome flights.

TMO Prefect Gary Dickinson started off the festivities by launching his highly modified Mad Cow AGM33 Pike on a Research K1294 Mad River Blue for a screaming flight to 7808 feet AGL and a top speed of 877 mph as reported by the MARSA 54L-HD. The Missileworks T3 GPS enabled Dickinson to walk right up to it, through a very muddy field south of the creek.

TMO IT guru and website administrator Bob McAnninch was up next, spanking his well-used and abused scratch-built “Ursa Major” to 7897 feet AGL on a Research K891 Everclear motor. Bob lost his on-board camera, which was eventually found & returned by Andrew Kleinhenz while out recovering one of his projects late in the day.

TMO secretary/treasurer Steve Temple even managed to get in a flight, launching his University of Tennessee rocket on a very sparky I280. Steve did not live up to his nickname of “Sparky” and did not set the field on fire, although there was a lot of steam coming up around the pad!

Congratulations to Todd Smith of Kettering for acing his NAR Level 1 cert on a scratch-built rocket named “Purple Sparkle 4”. Not sure what happened to the previous 3 “Purple Sparkles”, but this one flew like a champ. The rocket was made up from a cardboard tube and 3D printed parts that Todd designed and printed to test the printers at his place of employment. Obviously, all went well. I think we will see him back at our field in the future. Thanks to Jay Berry for the assist on the cert sign-off.

Justin Bray from Middletown, got in three great flights, including his first-ever K class motor. Justin flew his scratch-built “Dragon” on an AT K400-12. Justin commented later that he had built the rocket with a bigger MMT. Lesson learned young man……

David Sears from Kent tried to reduce the population of Wildman Darkstars”. His first flight with a 3” version flying on a Research J706 Everclear motors suffered a spectacular CATO that blew a hole in the side of the motor case and the rocket. His second attempt with a 4” “Darkstar” faired a little better, turning in 5194 feet AGL on a Gary Dickinson K1294 Mad River Blue, but suffered a main chute issue. David says these will be rebuilt.

Jim Rosmarin flew his Binder Design “Sentinel” on an AT I245G for a nice flight & recovery. His next flight on a very retro-looking scratch-built rocket named “Red Flare” on an AT I699R did not do so well, core sampling after the altimeter failed to fire any of the deployment charges. Low battery voltage is suspected.

Andrew Kleinhenz from Bowling Green came to launch some rockets, turning in three great flights with nominal recoveries. We can always count on Andrew to show us how it’s done and conduct a clinic on using the Jolly Logic Chute Release.

The flight of the day has to go to Randall Ticknor and Alex Davenport along with fellow engineering students from the University of Michigan. They brought their scratch-built 44 pound “Blueshift” to launch on a CTI M1540. The rocket was loaded with electronics including some custom designed & built from the students. The large maize and blue rocket also sported a custom tail cone. The big CTI motor proved tough to light, but a custom titanium igniter courtesy of Bill Good got the project moving out to over 12,000 feet and was recovered on the south side of the creek. Great project and a great flight men!

Randall came back after the “Blueshift” was recovered and flew his scratch-built “Harpoon” on a CTI G127R for a screaming flight. The rocket may still be up there somewhere.

Our next launch is the two-day Phil Prior Memorial Launch and will feature a night launch on Saturday night. Stay tuned for more information.
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