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Kirk G:
Can somebody outline the process for bringing in a new (previously flown) MPR rocket to a launch?  Is there an RSO conducting inspections before launch?  Is there a cue, or flight cards?  Please advise.

Hi Kirk,
The process is relatively simple.  When you arrive you register as a flyer and pay the fees for what you are flying.
You go ahead and prep your rocket and fill out a flight card.  These are available on a table near the LCO. 

Once the flight card is filled out you take the rocket to the RSO, this may be a designated station or designated  person/s depending on the size of the launch. 

Once the RSO signs off on your rocket you will go to the LCO and you will be instructed as to what bank and pad to take your rocket to for launch.  If you are unfamiliar with the system and pads someone will go with you to explain everything.
You will write on your flight card the pad number you used and you will give it to the LCO when you are ready to launch.

The LCO will usually ask if you are ready to launch before the countdown begins.

Excellent response Joe!


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