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Quest Q2G2 Initiators


Do the Quest Q2G2 initiators behave nicely with TMO's launch controllers?
I've read the Q2G2 initiators were designed for 9V power, and continuity checks on some higher power controllers may cause the initiator to set off.
Hoping i can use the Q2G2's for a 3 x Estes F15 cluster, in my 1/70th scale Falcon Heavy prototype.


I would say absolutely. I and several fliers use dipped Chinese fireworks e-matches as initiaters. Assuming you're familiar with ohm's law, current is the issue, not voltage. My matches with the orange leads are All fire at 370 ma, All safe at 250 ma. Continuity test at 0.5 ma. Quest all fire is 350 ma, all safe is 150 ma. To my knowledge, our Wilson FX system has never lit any initiator due to continuity test.


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