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Title: February 29 Launch Report
Post by: Gary on March 09, 2020, 09:59:56 AM

Greetings TMO faithful! My apologies for not getting this launch report out in a timely manner, but I have been battling a case of the flu. Joy. I am on the mend, although not quite at 100% yet. So without further whining, here ya go…….

The weather was gorgeous although a bit cold. As the sun warmed the field, the frozen ground turned to mush. Late afternoon saw a few of the student’s vehicles struggling to return to the parking area. The muddy field made recovery “interesting”.

TMO saw a total of six NAR Level 1 certification flights. Many thanks to Lee Berry of Merlin Missiles for putting on his “Certifying Authority Hat” and interrupting his sales. Wade Kennedy, Jeff Van Sayor, Robert Williams, and Adam Putzin all had successful flights. Congratulations and welcome to HPR. Davin Walker and Bailey Bauman were not so fortunate. It happens and we invite you back to our filed to attempt your L1 again.

The TMO regulars were out and eager to burn some AP after a long a flightless winter.  First off the pads was Jim Rosmarin with his “Big Nuke 3E”. Jim was victim to an issue with one of the launch leads from the pad box to the pad and had to wait out the troubleshooting and change over. Once this was remedied, his rocket took off in a blaze of red flame and smoke for a successful flight and recovery.

Doug Peterson launched his “Darkstar Stealth” on a Research K450 Wimpy Red. Motor looked like if could stand just a bit higher starting kn. Flight and recovery were nominal.

Andrew Kleinhenz launched “Earth-Wind-Fire on a Research 54mm K600 Kosdon Fast clone for a nominal flight and recovery. Andrew is retiring this rocket and we expect to see some exciting things from him in the future.

Bob Goffena launched hi scratch-built “Falcon Heavy” on a cluster of Estes F15-8 BP motors. Flight was nominal, although the rocket tried to make it into the drainage ditch. Bob also lost a JLCR in the process.

Casey Ruckman launched “Delta IV Medium” on an H195 for a neck-snapping flight and nominal recovery.

Mason Turley launched his rocket (cannot read the name on the flight card) on a CTI J570.

The Ohio State University launched their NASA SLI project on an AT L1510 for a great flight; the recovery was less than nominal, forcing the team to withdraw from the 2020 competition. Better luck next year.

Out next launch is schedules for March 14, weather permitting.


Title: Re: February 29 Launch Report
Post by: bguff on March 09, 2020, 07:52:33 PM
Any pictures of the delta iv medium?
Title: Re: February 29 Launch Report
Post by: bguff on March 09, 2020, 07:59:59 PM
Falcon Heavy: