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Author Topic: Posting Launch Videos  (Read 296 times)

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Posting Launch Videos
« on: November 13, 2018, 12:19:54 PM »

Please be mindful when posting your launch videos here or to You Tube as to the content and what the perception could be.

At a recent regional launch, a video was posted that showed a Level 3 certification flight apparently entering clouds. This is in direct violation of our safety code. Ultimately the flyer is responsible for his or her flight.

DO NOT post anything questionable from our launches without first talking to me. I am not trying to hide anything here, but I am trying NOT to portray out hobby in a bad light and keep all of us out of 'rocket jail'. TRA is beginning to take a VERY hard look at safety violations and possible reprimands and other punishments for safety violations.

Once again someone has posted that infamous two-stage flight from MWP a few years ago and the comments regarding multistage safety have started once again. I can assure you that the TRA BoD is working to establish staging guidelines to avoid incidents like this and the OLVT incident at BALLS this past September.

As it turns out, the rocket referred to in the first paragraph was observed for its entire flight. The clouds in question were apparently thin, wispy clouds not seen on FAA radar or by the flyer. A lot of angst and anguish could have been avoided by using some discretion in posting the video in question.
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