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Author Topic: 11/02 Launch Report  (Read 1322 times)

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11/02 Launch Report
« on: November 06, 2019, 10:53:35 AM »

Wow, what a way to kick off the 2019/2020 flying season! The day started out cold, with beautiful clear skies, and a light but steady breeze.  Tripoli Mid-Ohio #31 saw 47 flights on everything from Estes C motors to an Aerotech L.


What can I say? The TMO crew was kept busy all day, as Ryan Reed brought 25 of his students out to the field to attempt their NAR Junior L1 certification. All 25 of these students are now certified NAR Junior Level 1. CONGRATULATIONS!  Kudos to Mr. Reed for working with these students to introduce them the wonderful world of high-power rocketry. All of the students used Wildman DRAGO kits and the Aerotech H115. A big bunch of sparky motors and NO pad fires.

The students had a perfect flight of their subscale rocket, BLUE STREAK, on an Aerotech I357T with a nominal recovery. The project reached a max altitude of 6,082 ft and a max velocity of 1,018 feet per second. Well done and good luck in the upcoming competition.

Also, a HUGE thank-you to the Tripoli Rocketry Associate and the National Association of Rocketry for changing the reciprocity agreement between the two organizations. Without this change, the students could not fly at the TMO site because we operate under TRA Research rules. TMO is looking forward to hosting other schools and universities as the season gets going.


In between L1 certification flights, TMO regulars managed to launch some rockets and show the newly-minted NAR students what the future can hold for them in HPR.

Seth Cooper launched his FLYING PUMPKIN on a CTI J293. The rocket headed north, looking for some pie crust, but was successfully recovered without whipped cream. He came back and launched his Mad Cow DX3 on an AT L850W for an awesome flight and recovery.

Andrew Kleinhenz launched his EARTH-WIND-FIRE on an AT I284W for a great flight and nominal recovery using a JLCR. He returned to launch a yellow rocket apply named BLUE BANANNA (go figure…) on an AT H180W with recovery via the JLCR.

Martin Quanci launched his SUPER BATRAY on an AT I285R for a nominal flight and recovery. He returned to launch his beautiful red & silver scratch-built SAGETO ESPERO on an AT I435T; excellent flight and recovery.

Resident Research motor maker Doug Peterson came out to show everyone how to and how NOT to do HPR with Research motors. Doug launched his 4-inch diameter MODULATOR on a 54mm Research K457 Wayside White motor. The motor CATOed right about max Q, scattering parts all over the field. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Undaunted, he returned to launch CLIFTON JUNIOR, an upscaled Estes CORKSCREW on a 38mm Research I130 Pitch Black for a great, ‘corkscrewing’ flight. Well done Doug!

Jim Rosmarin launched UNKNOWN on an AT H128W for a nominal flight and recovery using a JLCR. Jim returned with a very green LOC Precision 7.5” V2. He was launching this on an AT J415W, and excellent choice for this rocket. The V2 flew straight off the pad trailing a beautiful white smoke trail. Sadly, the V2 reenacted an attach on London from WWII, impacting south of the LCO table with a very loud thud. Sorry Jim.

Bob Goffena came to launch something besides a saucer! What is this hobby coming to? Bob launched WHATEVER with “friction fit’ fins. The flight and recovery were nominal. He returned to launch his red and white striped upscale EXECUTIONER on an AT J275W. Sadly, the project never left the pad as the motor retention snagged the rail stand-off, the motor burning a nice hole in the blast deflector. That’s okay: we have spares!

Justin Bray launched R³ on an AT I245G for a no0minal flight and recovery. Justin usually launches with WSR, so it was great to see him at our field.

Tripoli Mid-Ohio would like to welcome Daniel Brining. Daniel hails from Florida and is here due to work at WPAFB. Why else would one leave sunny Florida to come to dark and dreary Ohio? He launched BFM on an AT H550ST for s screaming flight and nominal recovery. We hope to see Daniel at many of our future launches.

Jonathan Wilkins literally brought a basket of rockets to launch! He launched his IRIS twice; VEGA; HONEST JOHN; and the crowd-pleasing DEUCES WILD. Thanks, Jonathan, for the entertainment!

Well rocket faithful, that is all for now. Our next launches are scheduled for November 16 and December 7, weather permitting. Until then: Fly high and fly safe; and remember that there is no such thing as over-building; only under-powering.

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Gary Dickinson
Prefect - Tripoli Mid Ohio #31
Prefect - Tripoli Gerlach #138
Director - Tripoli Rocketry Association
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Re: 11/02 Launch Report
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2019, 08:16:01 PM »

Regarding the Modulator Cato. I found the liner completely burned away all around the bottom grain of the five grain motor. The first hypothesis of a casting tube to liner blow-by annealing the case leading to failure proves correct. The bottom grain had a ¾" core, top four grains had ⅝" cores. The blow-by may be the result of the bottom grain collapsing under G load since it had a thinner web, or just a loose fit to begin with from home rolled casting tube and liner. Two countermeasures: commercial phenolic liners and casting tubes to fit, and glue the grains to liners with Elmer's glue all max. I lost the case, but not forward closure, nozzle, or related hardware. Electronics and everything forward of the motor mount also survived. Not bad, as Cato's go. Modulator will fly again!

Doug Peterson Tripoli 15622 hpr cert. Lvl. 2


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Re: 11/02 Launch Report
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2019, 09:01:03 PM »

Not much to see after first minute, but here is the upscale executioner hanging on the pad: