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Title: Saturday May 16 launch is GO!
Post by: Todd Knight on May 15, 2020, 12:43:34 PM
Here we go! Like it's always said, wait 24 hours and the weather forecast will change, it's Ohio. We are GO for tomorrow. Forecast says partly cloudy changing to partly sunny in the early afternoon. 6-10 mph winds. We are expecting some rain tonight so field will probably be a little muddy to start with so bring appropriate footwear.

There is a chance of pop up rain showers in the afternoon so be aware.  If it looks like there are incoming storms we will Obviously shut down.

Waiver is called in for 10 am.

Special Rules:
1) Social distancing rules apply to parking/prep area. Masks not required but recommended in these areas.
2) Masks required at RSO/LCO tables. Masks are also required at the pads if staff is present.
3) We will be asking for contact information of participants in the event we need to alert you about possible virus contact.

Normal rules:
As per website. 5mph speed limit, no driving in fields and etc.

See everyone in the morning!

Todd Knight
Prefect - Tripoli Mid Ohio