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Author Topic: May 16 Launch Report  (Read 806 times)

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May 16 Launch Report
« on: May 18, 2020, 10:19:11 AM »


On Saturday May 16, Tripoli Mid-Ohio got a break from both the COVID-19 pandemic and the weather. We were able to have a launch. Our last launch was on February 29. All of the fliers maintained “social distance requirements” and were wearing masks. Besides AP exhaust, the scent of hand sanitizer was heavy in the air. Well enough of this and off to the fun part.

The “Frequent Flier Award” goes to Mark Coburn from Wooster with four flights. Mark turned in three excellent flight on Research motors burning NASSA K2 Fast propellant and one flight which we believe to be an ancient AT K550W. With Mark, one never knows for sure.

TMO also had FIVE fliers finish second in the “Frequent Flier” race:
Kelvin McMillan turned in in excellent flights including a screaming flight of his “Weekend Warrior’ on one of the new AT H169 motors. It is always good to see Kelvin and Mel.

David Sears made the trek down from Kent to burn some serious Research newton seconds on an I class motor and two K class motors. David was also runner up in the closest to the pad competition on a day when there were numerous long walks to recover rockets.

The Research motor making bug has infected our friend and frequent attender Andrew Kleinhenz. Andrew launched a couple of AT G class motors and a Research NASSA K2 H265. He was also seen merrily dancing around the site, waving a 75mm 3-grain Ed Romani case over his head. We shall see what Andrew graces us with in the near future.

Jim Rosmarin turned in excellent flights on AT reloads, including a screaming flight with his beautiful ‘Back in Black’ rocket. Well done Jim!

We at TMO were honored to have Steve Eves from Akron (yes THAT Steve Eves) launch with us. Steve brought quite the fleet with him and punched some serious holes in the sky with a couple of AT reloads. He is also the winner of the “Closest to the Pad” competition. Sadly Steve’s rocket ‘Please Paint Me’ suffered a CATO on a Research J308 purple motor. Post flight analysis turned up that the motor was from a bad batch of red propellant. PSA here for all you EXers: Label your grains to aid in tracking in case of problems.

Gerald Powell and Mark Brush both had good flights on AT reloads

Bob Goffena launched his beautiful scratch-built upscale of the Estes D.A.R.T.  on an AT J250W. Bon even turned the nosecone and labored over filling the fiberglass. Well done Bob!

Bill Good launched his ‘Cosmic Interceptor’ on an AT G motor. We are patiently waiting for Bill to upscale this and launch it on an M motor.

Martin Quanci had his TARC Rocket, Estes Leviathan, on an AT G79-7 for a nominal flight and recovery. I guess Martin is saving AP for that planned TRA L3 flight in a couple of weeks.

The TMO staff even got into “launch mode” on Saturday. Prefect Todd Knight launched an EZI-65 on an AT H153 with motor ejection and single deploy.

TRA TAP Member and NAR L3CC Joe Grubb launch his well-worn ‘Cherokee K’ on an antique AT 38mm J510W. This motor has been assembled since LDRS 31! The motor lit and performed flawlessly.  The recovery was almost flawless, as the nosecone and its parachute drifted off the west. It was later returned by Mark Coburn on one of his recovery treks. Thanks Mark!

TMO president and TRA director Gary Dickinson launched ‘Star Crossed’ on a Research L663 Mad River Red to 7326 feet AGL for a nominal flight and recovery.
No launch report would be complete without a standing ovation for:

•   Land owners Charles “Chuck” Wildman and Marty Spears. We could not do this without their support. To give you an idea how fantastic these two are, Marty retrieved our bridge after a torrential rainstorm washed it and our porta-potty many yards to the east. Chuck also was kind enough to bush hog our parking area so that we were not walking through knee-high grass.
•   Merlin Missile and Lee Berry for continuing to provide kits, motors, and recovery stuff for all fliers.
•   The staff and volunteers that help with set-up and tear-down.
•   Last but not least: the fliers from TRA and NAR. We do this for you! Well for us too.

Stay tuned as we try and squeeze a few more week of launching in before we must vacate for crops.


Gary Dickinson
Prefect - Tripoli Mid Ohio #31
Prefect - Tripoli Gerlach #138
Director - Tripoli Rocketry Association
TRA #5520; L3; TAP Member